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Mangrove Bayou buy it now!

The town council of Mangrove Bayou hires Troy Adam, on probation, as their new police chief, mainly because there weren't any other serious candidates and despite the fact that Troy had just been fired from his previous police job. No sooner does he arrive than a prominent citizen is found dead. The medical examiner classifies this as an accident but Troy thinks it's murder. The town council doubts that Troy or his small department can handle the case but Troy carries on regardless. As a hurricane arrives, Troy and his small department deal with that homicide and other crimes. Life is never dull in Mangrove Bayou

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Death Among the Mangroves buy it now!

When a college student on vacation goes missing in the small gulfcoast Florida town of Mangrove Bayou, police chief Troy Adam has to deal with overwhelming press attention, a town council doubtful that he can solve the crime, and a powerful judge. Toss in the usual lesser crimes that keep on coming, and he and his small police force are stretched to their limits. Accused early on of being 'soft and squishy on the inside' Troy proves in the end to be capable of utter ruthlessness. Life is never dull in Mangrove Bayou.
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Dreamtime buy it now!

When a skeleton turns up in a car long-submerged in a drainage canal, Troy finds himself entagled with wealth, politics, and a governor's race. As usual, on his way to solving the murder, Troy has to take care of a few side-problems as well, including encounters with a military school that looks like a Mussolini pep rally, and a gang leader with a degree in Shakespearean drama. Life is never dull in Mangrove Bayou.
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When day workers start vanishing from assembly places near home repair stores around Lee and Collier counties, Troy smells a serial killer. Then he learns the killers are living in Mangrove Bayou. Last, he learns just how perverted they can be. Along the way he deals with a rape, online and real-life protestors, a wandering ambassador's wife, a Hollywood actor he uses as bait, and, of course, Martha Sizemore's prized plantings. Life is never dull in Mangrove Bayou.
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Square Grouper

When Mangrove Bayou mayor Lester Groud finds an amputated hand in the mangroves, Chief Troy Adams tries to find the owner. Instead, he stumbles into a cocaine-smuggling operation gone bad, and some very annoyed drug trafficers. Add in a loner teenager with a gun, a feral child in a house filled with cockroaches, a whorehouse with standards and a mailing list, and a salesman with machineguns and tanks to sell, and Troy and his officers are having a busy few days. Life is never dull in Mangrove Bayou.
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Mangrove Bayou police chief Troy Adam investigates vampire murders. No, the vampires aren't killing people; someone is killing them and draining away their blood. (And they're not your usual fictional vampires, Troy discovers that there really are people like that.) Along the way Troy has to deal with the usual mix of policing issues, including a Muslim teenage girl converting to Christianity, a homeless veteran falsly accused of theft, and a family of old Florida crackers armed with guns, a speedboat and their friendly sheriff. Life is never dull in Mangrove Bayou.
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MANGROVE BAYOU is a police procedural mystery novel series by Stephen Morrill. The books feature police chief Troy Adam and a host of characters who make Mangrove Bayou a very weird and wonderful Florida Gulfcoast town.

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