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Welcome to Mangrove Bayou mystery series



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Oh, gosh. I have to talk about myself? The horror. The horror!

I've been a full-time nonfiction writer since 1984. I've written several nonfiction books including travel guides to Florida, a truckload of magazine and news service articles, and done a lot of internal work for corporations. Along the way I have edited several magazines. To review my nonfiction, see StephenMorrill.com

Recently I started the Mangrove Bayou / Troy Adam series of police procedural mystery novels. These are set in the fictional southwest Florida town of Mangrove Bayou. There are currently six books and I plan to write more. Those and my other boks are published as e-books through the Sorcet Press web site of Sorcet.com and distributed in all formats.

This web site and associated social media exist so that I can get your feedback. Send advice, comments, noted errors to me at: Steve@StephenMorrill.com

I remain an active nonfiction writer too.

I live in Tampa, Florida, USA. When I'm not writing, I'm usually out sailing in the Gulf of Mexico or canoeing in the swamps.

Here's the author bio that appears on the books themselves:

Stephen Morrill was born into the Army, served there himself, and wandered the world  for thirty years, living in twenty-one cities in six countries. Finally he settled, like a barnacle holding fast to a piling, in Florida.

“When it came time for me to pick a place to settle down, I wanted water activities and beaches,” Morrill says. “I also decided to live and work in a place everyone else dreams of retiring to. It’s a decision I’ve never regretted.”

Since then he has canoed and sailed almost every Florida waterway and SCUBA dived on almost every reef and wreck. He has been a reporter for a wire service, written several thousand magazine articles, edited several magazines, and written books including several Florida travel works.

“I suppose I’m a native now,” Morrill says. “As the locals like to say, ‘I have sand in my shoes'."





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MANGROVE BAYOU is a police procedural mystery novel series by Stephen Morrill. The books feature police chief Troy Adam and a host of characters who make Mangrove Bayou a very weird and wonderful Florida Gulfcoast town.

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