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About Mangrove Bayou

Mangrove Bayou is a small gulfcoast Florida town located someplace south of Naples and east of the Moon and in the midst of the Ten Thousand Islands / Everglades National Park region..

Troy Adam is police chief and head of a small department. For such a small and remote town, Mangrove Bayou seems to be a hotbed of crime, both major and trivial. Troy and his small band of officers deal with it all, assisted or hindered by a collection of residents who redefine the term character.

Stephen Morrill writes about Mangrove Bayou in a series of police procedural mystery novels with a twist, as the Mangrove Bayou police force is small and the location remote. The books combine humor, weird characters, occasional social commentary, and serious police work, all taking place in a unique setting.

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Monday, 12 March, 2018: The Smashwords annual sale is over. I gave away 34 books and sold one. The theory is that some of those 34 will turn into sales of other books in that series. I don't know; I had not participated in these sales before. We shall see.

I would point out that, while Smashwords notifies me of every direct sale, I have no clue who buys what in any of a dozen other sites that Smashwords supplies. I just get monthly summaries. My print publisher, Untreed Reads does quarterly reports.

I did get a heartwarming email from one reader:

Just recently discovered the Mangrove Bayou series.  I purchased all of the titles.  Having spent 30 years as a Conn. State Trooper I hope I was the kind of cop Troy Adams is.  Hopefully more Mangrove Bayou books are coming.  Thanks


Today I'll start uploading to the Troy Adam / Mangrove Bayou Smashwords account. I had to reformat the books to better suit the various requirements of some e-book readers. No change to the stories, just to the formats.

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Sorcet Press is our online publisher for our e-books. Those are distributed in all e-book reader formats through Smashwords to any e-book reader format. (You may, of course, buy the books through your own e-book reader system too. Just search for the titles or the author name of Stephen Morrill.) Untreed Reads continues as our publisher of paperback, hardback, and e-books for the first two titles in the Mangrove Bayou series.


Mangrove Bayou

First book in the Troy Adam / Mangrove Bayou mystery series.

Available now in all e-formats and also trade paperback, from Untreed Reads.

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Death Among the Mangroves

Second book in the Troy Adam / Mangrove Bayou mystery series.

Available now in all e-formats and also trade paperback, from Untreed Reads.

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MANGROVE BAYOU is a police procedural mystery novel series by Stephen Morrill. The books feature police chief Troy Adam and a host of characters who make Mangrove Bayou a very weird and wonderful Florida Gulfcoast town.

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