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About Mangrove Bayou

Mangrove Bayou is a small gulfcoast Florida town located someplace south of Naples and east of the Moon and in the midst of the Ten Thousand Islands / Everglades National Park region..

Troy Adam is police chief and head of a small department. For such a small and remote town, Mangrove Bayou seems to be a hotbed of crime, both major and trivial. Troy and his small band of officers deal with it all, assisted or hindered by a collection of residents who redefine the term character.

Stephen Morrill writes about Mangrove Bayou in a series of police procedural mystery novels with a twist, as the Mangrove Bayou police force is small and the location remote. The books combine humor, weird characters, occasional social commentary, and serious police work, all taking place in a unique setting.

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Hardbacks! My books, Mangrove Bayou and also Death Among the Mangroves, are now out in hard cover. Good for library sales and for those people who like the big books.CLICK HERE to learn more.

Late Start on MB7: Late getting to this. I'm starting on Mangrove Bayou #7. No title yet. It will come to me. Did the outline last week. I write from very detailed outlines. This one will involve police chief Troy Adam, mayor Lester Groud, Troy's girlfriend Lee Bell, Haitian refugees, and a boatload of Bad Hombres — all chasing one another down in the Everglades. Life is never dull in Mangrove Bayou.

Just to break up the day, I also have to complete the fourth book in the Sorcet Chronicles fantasy series. I’m teaching a course in query letter writing. I’m working on getting all my books up as ebooks. And it’s hard to look after the yard when it never stops raining.


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Mangrove Bayou

First book in the Troy Adam / Mangrove Bayou mystery series.

Available now in all e-formats and also trade paperback, from Untreed Reads.

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Death Among the Mangroves

Second book in the Troy Adam / Mangrove Bayou mystery series.

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MANGROVE BAYOU is a police procedural mystery novel series by Stephen Morrill. The books feature police chief Troy Adam and a host of characters who make Mangrove Bayou a very weird and wonderful Florida Gulfcoast town.

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